Wall with door. Middle East

Ref.: MAC35161
VAT included



The kit consists of a wall with 3 sections, a column, a door with two leaves and two lampposts.

The wall consists of a section of 88 mm and two sections of 45 mm, all of 76 mm high. A column of 12x12mm and 78mm in height. This allows more than 12 combinations. The door is two leaves with a total length of 105 mm.

The wall and the door are textured on both sides.

The wall is made of ACRYLIC RESIN, very easy to work in case of wanting to make breaks (impact of projectiles for example) and its powder is not toxic like that of the polyurethane resin. The walls are delivered without the casting blocks. The lamps are made of polyurethane resin and include a piece of ORGANIC CRYSTAL for the crystals. The door is of cardboard, with detail on both sides, very easy to assemble.

This kit can be used in environments of the Middle East or even Eastern countries.