How to paint sewer covers and hydrant.
Kits  MAC35123 & MAC35124

The kits are easy to clean and the hydrant is very easy to build. 

I fix the pieces on a support using double side tape, to avoid to touch them during the paint process.
First step I apply a couch of Tamiya primer, I use Tamiya spray grey colour.
I apply the base colour using MODEL COLOR paints from VALLEJO, I apply them with a brush. I used the following colours

872 - Chocolate brown.
975 - Military green.
982 - Cavalry brown. 


Next I apply washes using oil paints, colours brown, orange, oxide, etc.
 I put the oil paint upon a piece of absorbent paper, to eliminate the oil. I use white spirit from Talens as thinner.


Once the oil paint is dry I apply a dry brush using the base colour mixed with a colour more light.
Now you repeat the washes and dry brush until you agree with the result.
To finish you can apply some pigments and graphite. 



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