How to build and paint the electric pole
Kit MAC35126





Once you have pulled apart the pole and the crossbar, file the area attached to the casting block with a 
thick grain sandpaper, to imitate the wooden vein or lode.


Apply Tamiya putty diluted with acetone to be sure there are no rest of the casting block.


Drill a hole in the insulator and glue a piece of wire.


To glue all the insulators at the same height, you can use a piece of 2 mm Evergreen.


Pull apart the screws and sand them.


You have several insulators, you can chose the number you want to use and the distribution.


First step is to apply a coat of Tamiya primer, after I apply a base coat, I use brown color for the wood. In this case I used 941 Burnt Umber from Vallejo, por the metalic parts I used 872 Chocolate brown & 929 Light brown, the insulators are painted with white, add some drops of glossy varnish.


Apply a wash using oil paint, use brown colour.


After the wash has dried, apply dry brush usin 987 Medium grey  /  986 Deck tan  /  968 Flat green.


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