Balsa Foam Size A5 Thickness 10 mm 10 Pcf

Ref.: MAC35519
VAT included



1 sheet of Balsa Foam 10 Pcf
Size A5  228 x 152 mm  -  8 x 5 in
Thickness 12.5 mm -  0.5 in

Balsa-Foam® is rigid phenolic foam specifically developed for three-dimensional design, sculpting, and model making.
It has excellent chemical resistance and can be glued together with adhesives from carpenter’s glue to gel-type cyanoacrylate (superglues).
Balsa-Foam® can be painted with any kind of water-based or solvent-based paint or coating.
An initial coating of spray paint will help to seal the foam. Solvent-based paints tend to leave surface texture intact, while acrylic paints tend to fill the texture.

Since Balsa-Foam® has no rebound, it will hold a very detailed impression. This means you can create detailed shapes by simply pressing any object into the surface.

Working with Balsa-Foam®

Carving knives and chisels virtually glide through the Balsa-Foam® 5 pcf and also cut relatively easy through the denser, harder Balsa-Foam® (10 pcf & 20 pcf)
Aside from density, all 3 versions of Balsa-Foam® are essentially the same.
The same techniques can be used each except with Balsa-Foam® 20pcf which offers much more resistance to cutting or shaping tools.
Techniques such as punch cutting or impressing the foam may not be practical with Balsa-Foam® 20pcf, but is ideally suited for CNC cutting and prototyping.
Hot Wire cutting also does not work with Balsa‐Foam® because Balsa-Foam® is very resistant to heat. It is resistant to heat up to 300 F.
Additionally, there is also no need for a hot wire. Unlike polystyrene foam, for which the hot wire method was developed, Balsa‐Foam® can be cut easily with a knife or saw.
After cutting Balsa-Foam® it is important to clean all metal tools en to lubricate them with a light oil. This to prevent corrosion.

For more info on working with Balsa-Foam® you can read "Working with Balsa-Foam®"